What You Need to Know Before Dyeing Your Hair Pastel

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Blame it on Pinterest but it seems like the pastel and silver hair trends are here to stay. People are always asking me about my fun-colored hair so I decided to put all my knowledge (and my amazing stylist’s) in one convenient post. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about dyeing your hair pastel or silver. Want even more? Don’t forget to subscribe to the ASOR newsletter!

Frequently Asked Questions

   Q. Do you dye it yourself?

A. Hell no. I would probably fry my hair off. In fact, even professionals have damaged my hair and messed up the color so there is no way I trust myself with an at-home dye job. If are planning on dying it yourself, do plenty of research and consider enlisting a friend who is comfortable with bleach and dyes.

   Q. How long does it take to dye your hair?

A. The process usually takes 5-6 hours. The amount of time you will be sitting in a salon chair, though, varies. Ask your stylist for an estimate, taking into consideration your hair type and length and be sure to tell your stylist exactly what you want to get done. A rainbow ombre with a major cut would probably take longer than a simple dye and trim.

   Q. Does it damage your hair?

A. Yes. Even if you go to an incredible stylist who is a miracle worker, your hair will still experience some damage. Since going silver or pastel means bleaching and dying your hair, it is sooo important to go to a salon you trust (or to be as prepared as possible when dyeing at home). I go to the amazing beauties at Parlour Salon in Cincinnati but most towns or cities have trusted salons. Just ask around!

   Q. Is there a lot of upkeep?

A. For me, yes there is a lot of upkeep. Keeping my pastel/silver locks looking great takes more time, money and effort than simply dyeing hair a more natural-looking color. Be prepared to commit to scheduling appointments every 4-8 weeks to get it touched up and a healthy-hair regime to keep your hair from major damage.

    Q. How do you keep your hair healthy?

     There are several things I do to keep my hair as healthy as possible. Firstly, I wait 8-10 weeks in between appointments. This means my roots are really grown out by the time I get back in to the salon, but I like the way it looks, so it works! Additionally, I only wash my hair once a week with ACURE organic shampoo and a DAVINES deep conditioner. Before I bleached my hair regularly, I would have never been able to go a week in between washes. Since bleaching does damage your hair, though, it means my hair is no longer as oily as it used to. When my roots do start looking a little greasy I use baby powder in lieu of dry shampoo (it’s cheaper and lasts much longer) in between washes to freshen my hair up.

— Do you have any other questions that I didn’t cover? Comment them below and I will answer! —

The Process to Pastel/Silver Hair

How to Dye Your Hair Silver or Pastel

1. Prepare

Decide whether you will be doing this at home or in a salon. If you are going the professional route (which I recommend), research salons in your area that specialize in color. If you have never been to the salon or stylist, ask about getting a consultation before your appointment so you can meet your stylist and explain exactly what you want done. This is also a great time to ask important questions about the process.

2. Lots of Bleach

Sorry loves, but unless you naturally have Khaleesi locks, you aren’t getting out of this one without bleach. My stylist uses Olaplex while bleaching and coloring to protect the integrity of my hair. The bleach usually needs to sit on my hair for about an hour. If  you have dark hair, be prepared to spend more time (and possibly money) on this step. Listen to your hairdresser. If they say you will have to bleach your hair 2-3 times for the needed results, then that is what you need to do. They will know how to lighten your hair in the safest way possible.

3. Toner or Dye

Once you have achieved Malfoy-status hair, it’s time for the color!!! Depending on what products your hairdresser prefers (and what products are available at the salon) they may use a toner or dye. My stylist uses a Davines toner to achieve my pastel locks. To keep the color fresh, she will mix the toner with a leave-in conditioner for me to take home. I apply the conditioner on my hair once a week to refresh the color and keep my locks healthy and happy.

4. Wash and Style

The last step is easy enough! Simply wash the toner or dye out of your hair, dry and style! Be sure to use hot styling tools, like straighteners, as little to minimize damage.

I hope you enjoyed this post! After you achieve your mermaid hair, check out THIS post on the perfect summer braids to try this summer!



**Note that I am NOT a professional and have never received any type of hair-related training. This post is based simply off of my experiences and recommendations for my hair by my stylist.

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