Have a Spook-tacularly Sustainable Halloween with These Tips & Tricks

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With Halloween projecting to hit an all-time high of 9 BILLION DOLLARS in revenue this year, it’s clear that the pressure to have a Pinterest-worthy Halloween is real. But start googling Halloween ideas and you’ll see product after product of disposable, one-time use, plastic. Never fear, though! I’ve been pinning my little heart out over the past few weeks and have found the most SPOOK-TACULAR Halloween ideas that are eco-friendly and sustainable!

Throw a Ghoulishly Green Party

Sustainable Party Supplies

Dirty dishes SUCK, I totally get it. This year, however, consider skipping the plastic silverware, plates and cups. Not only will it save you money but it saves non-biodegradable plastic dishes from ending up in the ocean or landfills. Worried you may not have enough dishes to host a party? Head to a thrift store! Often times you can find sets of dish ware for super cheap that you can keep for future parties.

You can even make your own eco-friendly party supplies! Need a serving bowl for drinks? Learn how to create your very own Pumpkin Cooler HERE.

Boo-tiful Halloween Decorations

Red Candle Wax on White Candles Makes Bloody Candles

Now a days there are AMAZING Halloween decorations available at practically every store. Unfortunately, these decorations can come with a hefty price tag and are usually cheap, plastic and very un-environmentally friendly. Luckily, eco-friendly decor is simple! Here are a few simple ideas to keep your halloween decor sustainable and spooky!

  1. Head to the Thrift Store– It is AMAZING what you can find at thrift stores. Before buying brand new, head to some second hand stores to see what you can find. Often times, it’s way cheaper to buy secondhand and so much more fun!
  2. Hit the Farmer’s Market– Never underestimate the power of the seasonal harvest. Corn stalks, pumpkins, gourds, fall mums and more are not only abundant this time of year, but they make for AMAZING decor. The best part is, once the season is over, they can biodegrade back into the eco-system. Hooray!
  3. Get Crafty– From bloody candles to spooky mantles, creating your own sustainable, Halloween decor is simpler than you think! Click HERE to check out my Eco-Friendly Halloween Pinterest Board for more fun ideas!
Monster Munchies

Pumpkin vomiting guacamole

Is it possible to feed a crowd, be sustainable and keep it all Pinterest worthy? Of course! While not everyone has grocery stores that offer bulk ingredients, making a few simple switches to easy recipes can take a dish from wasteful to sustainable. Read below for a few of my favorite witchy recipes!

  1. Spider Dipping Spread– I LOVE this recipe because, as the author points out, your local pizza parlor will likely sell you a ball of fresh pizza dough to use. Bring your own container to put it in and VOILA! Zero waste pizza dough is yours. Keep the sustainability going by making your own marinara sauce.
  2. Pumpkin Guacamole– Guac is one of our favorite recipes to make because not only is it easy, but all of the ingredients are fresh and have no packaging. Swap the chips for thin slices of bread from your local bakery for even more sustainability!
  3. Pumpkin Stuffed Peppers– Take your favorite stuffed pepper recipe and put a seasonal spin on it with cute orange peppers! This recipe could easily be made vegetarian or vegan with a few simple swaps.
  4. Veggie Skeleton– Veggies and fruits are the EASIEST way to buy zero waste groceries. So why not make a skeleton shaped veggie appetizer to feed your guests this Halloween??Jack
  5. Skeleton Pie– Who doesn’t love a good pie? Wow your guests by baking your favorite pie recipe and carving a Jack Skeleton face into it! If you are lucky enough to live in an area where basic ingredients like flour and sugar are available in bulk,  click HERE for a minimal waste apple pie recipe!

Satisfy Trick or Treaters

Live in a neighborhood with trick-or-treaters? Never fear, eco-friendly treats are totally possible! Scroll down to see a few of my favorite eco-friendly goodies for trick or treaters.

Be The Neighbor Who Gives Out Fruit

Might as well be you! Load up on delicious apples, bananas and oranges for your local trick-or-treaters this year. Fruit is not only healthy, it doesn’t need packaging and is zero waste. If you’re worried about that not being “fun enough” just remember that those kids of PILLOWCASES full of candy. Pillowcases. They aren’t going to miss having one extra Snickers Bar.

Non-Edible Treats

Instead of getting something yummy to eat, Zero Waste Nerd suggests handing out items like boxes of crayons, sidewalk chalk, and pencils. These items are generally packaged in recyclable paper and can get used up.

Zero Waste Nerd also suggests “Sprout Pencils“, a type of pencil that can be planted to grow into various plants once it get’s too small to use! While I love this idea, it’s a bit pricey and may not be the best option for a neighborhood with a ton of trick or treaters.

Recyclable Treats

If you still want to give out candy, opt for treats in recyclable cartons like Nerds or Milk Duds. You can even remind the kiddies to recycle their treats after they are finished enjoying them! YUMMMM.


Share your eco-friendly Halloween ideas in the comments below! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for even more sustainability tips 🙂 Click HERE.

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  1. Kendra says:

    I loveee the idea of giving out fruit. kids need to eat more fruit. and yes to thrift stores!

    • A State of Ruin says:

      I agree! I know Halloween is all about candy and treats but goodness! I used to get a PILLOWCASE full of candy. That is way too much for one tiny human to consume 🙂 An apple surely wouldn’t hurt!

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