So Long Sweet Summer

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I had a minor breakdown last week. I was walking down the street, minding my own business when I noticed it… A yellowed, fallen leaf. I swooped down to snatch it off the sidewalk and shook it in front of my face. “Oh, no. No, not yet. Get back on that tree, Mr. Leaf!” This was the point that I realized I was talking to a leaf #mylife.

At the end of every summer is always a moment of panic when I finally realize that carefree, sunshine-soaked days are coming to an end. There’s a mourning period, people. Then, I remember that the end of summer means the coming of fall, aka THE BEST SEASON EVER.

Say goodbye to looking like the wicked witch of the west melting in the sun when you decide to wear makeup. Say hello to chunky sweaters, over-sized scarves and rocker-chic boots. As if it couldn’t get any better, fall means Halloween, hot chocolate dates, cool nights and an outburst of dark lipsticks. What could possibly be better?

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