Rocksbox: Review

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Love great jewelry but hate the price tag? Don’t worry there may be a solution. Rocksbox is a low, monthly subscription that loans out UNLIMITED premium jewelry for only 20 doll hairs a month (get your first month for free using promo code “stateofruinxoxo“). Its genius. Get pieces sent to your doorstep, wear them as long as you like then send them back for new pieces! Plus, if there is anything you fall in love with, buy it at Rocksbox’s discounted price.

Let me break it down for you.

  1. Sign up (click here)
  2. Create a “wishlist”
  3. Get a Rocksbox sent to your doorstep
  4. When you are ready for new pieces,  send your current pieces back **Rocksbox provides you with return shipping labels so this is a NO HASSLE process.
  5. Wait for your new Rocksbox set to arrive!


It’s that easy. Check out my first Rocksbox below and don’t forget to sign up using my promo code, “stateofruinxoxo” for a free month plus 10$ towards any piece you want to purchase!

I asked for delicate necklaces to layer and boy, did my stylist deliver. These two necklaces were PERFECT for layering but also looked great separately. Full disclosure, I fell in love with the midi ring. Yes, that is a caged midi ring. It’s glorious and I can’t live without it. Like, seriously, who is my stylist? She nailed it. The great thing about Rocksbox is it caters to many different styles. Whether you love big statement necklages or dainty rings, there is something for everyone.



If you want to give Rocksbox a try, sign up here. Don’t forget to use my promo code!

*Rocksbox offered me a free trial period in order to try their services for this review. The opinions expressed in this post are my own and were not influenced by Rocksbox.




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