These past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind. From saying goodbye to Louisville, moving to Cincy, beginning my first big girl job and adjusting to a long-distance relationship (pause for breath), I haven’t had a second to relax. What a better way to unwind than to do a product review?? This bomb-ass choker from Pet Pigeons has been my go-to for awhile now and I have to say, its amazing. I had purchased the choker and few other lower priced items from Pet Pigeons website (a different choker and a ring) at the end of

Fun in Florida

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Ah, vacation. That magical summer word that seems to erase all the stresses of everyday life. When my bestie called me up a few months ago and asked if I wanted to join her for a whole week of vacay shenanigans I just couldn’t say no. So we headed down to the sunny city of Ft. Myers Beach, FL for a little time out. A whole week without work or deadlines or rush hour. It was heaven on Earth. Ft. Myers Beach is a little town of about 7,000 on

Dear Spring

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Spring is here! I swear, if my dresses could talk they would be singing my praises. I think the poor babies were starting to get depressed being locked up in my closet. Anyways, it seems every Spring I go from rocker chic to boho cuteness in one minute flat. I seriously give myself whip-lash going from one to the other so quickly. While I love each style equally, I have never really let the two mix. My cute dresses and punk shoes have never gotten to know each other. My

First off, thank you so much to Amanda, the creator of Faith Allure, for nominating me for the Liebster Blog Award! If you have never heard of the LBA let me fill you in. This award is a fun way for bloggers to engage, discover new bloggers and recognize the hard work that goes into running sites like this.Plus, it’s a great way to get to know your favorite bloggers! Here are the questions left for me by Amanda… What made you decide to start blogging? Really, I just wanted a

Pastel Goth

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The Tokyo-inspired style, called “Pastel Goth”, mixes pretty pastels and girly cuts with black, goth vibes in an irresistible mash-up.  Real talk– I’ve never missed my lavender hair more than when I was putting this look together. Pastel Goth is a style that feeds off creativity so there are a thousand more places to take it!     Lauren W Photography Details Skirt– Thrifted Shirt– Forever 21 Cage Bra and Shoes– H&M Tights– Calzedonia Lips– MAC Eyeshadow in Beautiful Iris Eyes– MAC Eyeshadow in Beautiul Iris Sephora’s Baked Eyeshadow Trio in Black Light **Applying MAC

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