oVertone Review: Does This Conditioner Really Color Your Hair?!

  • Woman with pastel purple hair

Is there a magical conditioner that can color your hair with the hues of a thousand unicorns?? Well…. no…. but if one did exist then oVertone might be it. I had seen ads all over social media about this color depositing conditioner and was curious enough to order a sample. After doing a strand test with my little sample size, I was ready to commit to a full jar (which is only $28!!!!). Here is what happened when I tried oVertone….

The Pastel Purple Test

I used the Pastel Purple Deep Conditioner twice. The first time I applied it to my dry hair, waited ten minutes and then did my usual washing routine. The second time, I applied it to wet hair in the shower after I had already gone through my washing routine. I waited ten minutes and rinsed it out with warm water (per the instructions). The Pastel Purple Conditioner had an impact, but wasn’t as intense as I was hoping it would be. It neutralized yellow tones in my hair and added a pastel purple undertone to it that was most noticeable in sunlight. The purple tones were more intense in person than the “after” picture shows.Before and After Silver Hair Girl using Overtone

The Vibrant Purple Test

I used the Vibrant Purple Deep Conditioner twice. To make the product last longer and to create a pastel effect, I mixed it half and half with oVertone’s Pastel Silver Conditioner. The results were AMAZING. My hair transformed from silvery-purple to a gorgeous, deep pastel purple. Keep scrolling for tips on how to achieve the best results.

Before and After Silver to Purple Hair


For the Best Results

Start with platinum or silver hair…

I did a strand test on a friend with natural, dirty blond hair and the results were hardly even worth mentioning. If you are bleaching your hair for the first time, click HERE to read my post on everything you need to know beforehand. Bleaching your hair is no joke, so get the facts first!

Apply to Dry Hair…

Before getting in the shower, split your hair into sections and quickly apply the product. Cover any dry spots you can see, but you don’t need to completely saturate your hair (that wastes a lot of product!). My tip would be to have a friend assist with this process. I asked my partner, Dakota, to help me out with this to get the product on as evenly as possible. The Deep Conditioner is color-intense, so accidentally putting more product on one section of hair may cause the end result to come out uneven (as pictured in my “after” picture of the Vibrant Purple).

Use the oVertone Conditioner or Wait Between Washes…

After using oVertone Deep Conditioner once on dry hair, I would maintain the color by waiting two washes before applying the Deep Conditioner again. oVertone suggests using their regular colored conditioner between Deep Conditioner uses. The regular conditioner is said to maintain the color while the Deep Conditioner is used more as a jolt of color deposit.

Save Money on Custom Colors

oVertone encourages customers to mix their products to create custom colors! I loved the results when I mixed the Vibrant Purple Deep Conditioner with the Pastel Silver Conditioner. Since there is a price difference in their Deep Conditioner and regular conditioners, I would recommend getting the Deep Conditioner in the main color you desire and mixing it with a regular Conditioner to change the hue.

Pastel Purple Hair Woman

Did I miss anything? Do you have any other questions about oVertone or how I maintain my colored locks? Comment below and I will answer to the best of my ability 🙂




*Thank you to oVertone for providing products for this review. Product compensation did not affect my opinion on this product in any way!

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  1. Hornbuckle says:

    You’re a beautiful specimen inside and out and I love you and your purple hair.

    • A State of Ruin says:

      Ah, you are the sweetest! Thank you so much, Kati 🙂 🙂 You should get on that fun-colored hair train!

  2. Sara says:

    How long or how many washes does it take for the color to completely fade?

    • A State of Ruin says:

      Hey Sara!
      Great question. It probably varies depending on what type of shampoo you use, what Overtone color you are using and what type of color (pastel or vibrant), etc. I found that I could go 2-3 washes before needing to use Overtone again to vamp the color up. I never let the color completely fade, though, so I don’t know the answer to that question.

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