Money Saving Tips for Festival Outfits

  • Denim dress and leather bag

Festival season is upon us! Before you break the bank shopping for festival outfits this summer, read my tips on how to save your hard earned money. Follow these simple tricks and look like FIRE at your next festival adventure without killing your wallet. Need more inspo? Follow my “Festival Babes” Pinterest Board by clicking HERE.

Swap/Borrow With a Friend

It doesn’t even matter if your friends are the same size or style! Swap a staple piece or borrow an accessory… Like this amazing Lucky bag that my friend Michaela let me kidnap for the weekend.

Caution: Once you borrow something, you are responsible for it. If it is damaged or stolen while in your possession, do the right thing and replace it. Keep that in mind in when asking to borrow something. If you cant afford to replace a designer shirt, it’s probably a good idea to leave it in the besties closet. Don’t be ruining friendships over a music festival mishap!

Boho chic denim dress with leather purse

Denim dress with cutouts. Boho inspiration.

Denim dress and leather bag


Dress || Purse (Similar)  || Wide Brim Hat (Similar) || Shoes (Similar)

 Shop Your Closet

Festivals are the perfect time to let your freak flag fly. Take the opportunity to wear the things in your closet that you don’t normally get to show off, like my heart shaped (faux) specs and o-ring choker. They turned this simple tshirt dress from Tobi into the perfect festival outfit! So this summer, skip the mall shopping and dig out those forgotten, fun pieces from the depths of your closet instead!

Heart shaped glasses and purple hair

Grey Cold Shoulder Dress from Tobi

Cold shoulder grey dress with choker.

Dress // Choker // Sunnies (Similar)

Get a Show-Stopping Accessory

If you’re really strapped for cash but desperately need something for the next festival, forget buying a whole new outfit. Spend your hard earned money on a show-stopping, timeless accessory. Pair it with last year’s festival attire to create whole new looks! A well-made accessory is going to last much longer than an outfit from H&M, I promise. I got this choker was from a vintage store in Louisville years ago and it has seen many summer nights!

Shop every prince range for boho jewelry at  St. Eve Jewelry, Mountain Soul Gypsy and Sweet Leaf Silver. These companies are all owned by amazing, talented women!

Medallion choker for festival outfit

Boho Romper at Music Festival

Boho Romper from Tobi. Perfect for Festivals.

Dress // Vintage Choker

*Thank you to Tobi for sending me these cute dresses for the summer!




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