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It’s practically fool-proof; the classic white t-shirt and jeans, the little black dress, the simple cardigan. On days when I’m overbooked, overwhelmed and under-inspired there is nothing better than pulling out a “no thought necessary” combo. The real struggle comes when completing the look. How do you stay true to a classic while adding your own flair? These simple tips will turn your next cookie-cutter ensemble into a bold and beautiful statement.

  1. ADD A”WOW” ACCESSORY— When keeping the clothes simple, try to use the opportunity to amp up your accessory game. Still hiding that big ol’ babe of a necklace you’ve been dying to wear in your closet? Pop it out next time to turn a boring outfit into a smoking one.
  2. UP THE SHOE GAME— When it comes to your shoes, play it safe when your outfit is stealing all the attention. On days when jeans and a simple t-shirt rule your world, let your shoes do all the talking.
  3. BE A MAKEUP MANIAC— You’ve always wanted to rock the purple lip or that blue eyeliner. Why not try out a new and funky color next time you reach for your little black dress. I would start to practice accepting compliments now, everyone is going to love it!

Scroll down to see how I put my twist on a classic look.


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Emily Wiethorn Photography

Details // Jeans // Shoes // Necklace // Sunnies // Lips



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