I’m Low on Gas and You Need a Jacket

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You’ll begin to notice pretty quickly that I’m all about jackets. There is just nothing more depressing to me in the winter than wearing the same jacket day in and day out. Besides, this isn’t just any ol’ jacket. It was given to me by my partner, someone I care about deeply. As it belonged to his father while he was serving in the United States Army, it’s far more than a layer to keep me warm.
There is just something about the patched, camo fabric that comforts me. I’ve always gravitated towards all things vintage and antique. Growing up as a child, my mother slowly filled our house with beautiful antiques and little, treasured pieces from her travels. She taught me that if I treat what I have with respect, I could have it long enough for it to matter to someone else too. That stuck with me. The idea that something holds memories, that someone used to love it too just soothes me. Buying new is a bit empty in comparison. There is no story behind it. The item is replaceable, a replica of thousands just like it. The real rush comes in finding (or being given) something vintage. Its unique and special. A little memory just for you.

I paired the jacket with a duster cardigan and beat up studded boots for an easy, grungy look. The up-do was a quick way to pull the look together and keep it from looking like I just rolled out of bed. All in all, I love this look. It was simple, comfortable and, with all the layers, perfect for my long travel day.

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Emily W Photography

Details // Pants // Shoes// Duster Cardigan

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