5 Ethical and Sustainable Makeup Companies You’re Going to Love

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Since going on my journey towards sustainability, I’ve hardly wanted to look the entire desk I have dedicated to makeup. Yes, I said “entire desk”. The countless plastic lipstick tubes, foundations and eyeshadow palettes racked me with guilt. I just didn’t want to give up one of my favorite interests in the name of “sustainability” but I knew something had to change.

Little did I know that there are some AMAZING makeup companies out there that follow sustainable, ethical and cruelty-free practices. Check out my comprehensive list of eco-friendly makeup companies below.

My Standards

These are the three standards that I used to rate each company. Companies are listed in order of compatibility with all three standards. All opinions are my own and are based on information provided on company sites or information received by representatives of each company. For sake of transparency, please read below to see how I define each standard.

  • Ethical- Company defines themselves as following “fair trade” and “child labor” regulations.
  • Sustainable Company makes a conscious effort to derive ingredients from sustainable sources and/or provide recyclable, post-consumer or compostable packaging. This may also include “eco-friendly” business practices like renewable energy and minimalist packaging.
  • Vegan/Cruelty Free- All products are vegan and are not tested on animals.

Elate Cosmetics

Ethical, Sustainable, Vegan, Cruelty Free

Elate Cosmetics was by far the most transparent company I found when it came to sustainable practices. From start to finish, Elate Cosmetics attempts to minimize their products impact on the Earth by utilizing eco-friendly packaging like corn-based packing peanuts, seed paper, post-consumer materials and more! As they do use plastic protectors on some products they even encourage you to let them know if you lead a plastic-free life and they will work to accommodate you! Nice!

To top it off, Elate Cosmetics boasts vegan and cruelty free products as well as ethical practices! You go, Glen Coco. Shop all of their amazing products HERE.

Ecco Bella

Ethical, Cruelty Free, Some Vegan Products

Ecco Bella’s advocacy for organic farming from ethical suppliers, use of natural ingredients and refillable compacts landed them in 2nd place. All in all, Ecco Bella transparency about each product’s ingredients (always stating whether it was vegan, fragrance-free, etc) was refreshing. Plus, most of their products are made in the USA (except their lip pencils), meaning basic labor laws are in place. Are you vegan? Never fear! While not all of Ecco Bella’s products are vegan, the company clearly states which small portion of their products do not meet vegan standard.


Ethical, Vegan, Cruelty Free

Root had many of the same business practices in place as Ecco Bella, making them tied for second place. Like Ecco Bella, much of Root’s supplies and packaging is made in the USA. Sourcing from a central location lowers the carbon emissions it would take to ship supplies from all over the world and guarantees the practice of basic labor laws. Plus Root boasts reusable compacts, woo hoo! Root get’s bonus points for the use of organic and natural ingredients, which they define as free of harsh chemicals and dyes.

Shop Root HERE.

Axiology Beauty

Vegan, Cruelty Free, Sustainable

Coming up in third but still AMAZING, Axiology. Haven’t heard of it before? Axiology is in the business of lipstick. Natural, organic and vegan lipstick to be exact. Axiology received the “sustainable” mark of approval as for their packaging practices. The lipstick boxes are created by a woman-owned company in Bali that collects paper that would otherwise go in a landfill and re-crafts it. Their boxes are also compostable and the aluminum lipstick tubes can be recycled (though their lip crayon packaging is not recyclable). I should note that I was not able to figure out where or how their lipsticks are made which is what knocked them down to fourth place.

Shop HERE.

100% Pure

Cruelty Free, Some Vegan Products

Last but certainly not least, 100% Pure. Like there name states, 100% Pure states that there products are totally free from “synthetic chemicals, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, harsh detergents or any other unhealthy toxins”. The coolest thing about 100% Pure? There makeup products get all of their pigment from fruit pigments!

While not all of their products are vegan, the vegan products are clearly marked for my vegan buddies!


Did your favorite eco-friendly or ethical beauty company not make the list? Comment below and let me know! I love finding new companies to check out 🙂



*This post was not sponsored or affiliated in any way with any company mentioned above.


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    LOVED THIS ARTICLE. Just ordered a couple of different moisturizers from Root! Love their travel/sample size options! Thanks for being you and helping the rest of us live a healthy and unique lifestyle. Miss your face!

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