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Maybe it’s your first Valentine’s Day and your date is a cute, little eco-nerd. Maybe you’ve been together for years and are working towards reducing your waste. Or maybe you’re full blown zero-waste and just need  fresh ideas! Regardless of your reasons, here is a simple, easy guide to a waste-free Valentine’s Day.

1. Skip the Supermarket Flowers

Listen, I LOVE flowers. There’s nothing like a bouquet of beautiful blooms to brighten up a home (or in my case, a dingy apartment). But, as I started paying more attention to the amount of trash I was creating, I realized that most store-bought flowers come pre-wrapped in plastic and tissue paper. On top of that, supermarket flowers often wilt much faster than ones bought from a florist. Talk about a short-lived gift :/.

So this V-Day, skip the supermarket bouquet and instead, buy a plant that you can take care of together! Don’t really have a green thumb? Get a cacti or succulent! Neither need much attention and can be watered sparingly. Still love the novelty of a bouquet? No problem! Opt instead to purchase your bouquet at a local florist, who would probably be happy to wrap it in brown paper or a beautiful vase you can keep forever!

2. The Fancy Dinner: From Wasteful to Tasteful

Ahhhh, the fancy Valentines Day dinner. Dakota and I aren’t big holiday celebrators so we’ll be spending Valentine’s Day at home, making a delicious meal together. Valentine’s Day for many couples, though, is the perfect time to celebrate their relationship and splurge on a night out. Just remember these simple eco-tips and do your part to keep trash out of landfills!

  • Say no thank you to plastic straws- When the waiter greets you, inform them that you won’t be needing any straws during the meal (even with alcoholic beverages). It’s that easy!
  • Bring your own take-home containers- Put a small Tupperware container in your purse before you head out for the night. If neither of you carry a purse, simply keep it in the car or on your person till the meal is finished. I usually place the food in the tupperware while the waiter/ress isn’t at the table so they are none the wiser and you can skip the awkward “why did you bring your own container” glance from the staff.
  • Support a local business- Take this perfect opportunity to support a local restaurant or an eatery that focuses on seasonal and/or locally sourced ingredients. Keeping it local is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and put money back into your community!

3. Get a Card That Does More

Want a greeting card to show your cutie how much you love them?? Skip hallmark and instead support these awesome card companies….

Green Field Paper

Why I love them: Green Field Greeting Cards are made from Plantable Seed Paper. Plant your card after you give it to grow non-invasive wildflowers that you can enjoy all year long!

Good Paper:

Why I love them: These cards are quirky and sassy, just like me 🙂 Plus, Good Paper employs marginalized populations to support them in financial independence. Talk about a great product for a great cause!

Recycled Paper Greetings:

Why I love them: RPG works with independent artists to create unique, fun greeting cards. Recycled Paper Greetings also takes eco to a whole new level by recycling all paper waste created during production and only works with certified sustainable forestry suppliers. Click above to find a retailer that carries RPG near you!

4. Chocolate You Can Feel Good About

Is it even Valentines Day without chocolate? Instead of opting for the plastic heart-shaped boxes, consider getting your sweets in a more sustainable way. Does your community have a local candy store? If you’re not sure, do a quick google search before you rule it out. Many old-school style candy stores have candy in bulk so you can bring your own containers and fill them up! Don’t have a candy store? Large grocery store chains are beginning to have bulk candy options as well. Simply bring your own brown paper bag or a container to fill up on chocolates instead of using the pesky plastic bags that they provide.

5. Make New Memories

Stuff is great but Valentine’s Day is about showing your boo how much you appreciate them. Instead of shelling out big bucks on nice dinners and fancy flowers, consider using some of that money to share a new experience together. Here a few of my favorite date ideas that don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg!

  • Try a New Recipe at Home or Take a Cooking Class: My mom was right, food is the way to the heart. Consider taking a cooking class together or create a new recipe at home for an intimate night of delicious food.
  • Get Physical: Are you the outdoorsy type? Go on an overnight camping trip or a day of hiking. Not a fan of the wild? Try a new sport together! See if your city has an indoor rocking climbing facility or consider taking a class together like yoga or tennis! Get all sweaty and then save water by showering together afterwards. What’s more sustainable than that?? 😉
  • Go to a Tasting: See if there are any special wine, bourbon or food tastings going on in your area. If you opt for something like this, try going the night before or after Valentine’s Day so you don’t have to pay top dollar. Also, check out sites like Groupon or Living Social to snag extra savings.
  • Recreate a Past Memory: Where was the first place you met? The first place you kissed? The first date you had? Nothing is sweeter than thinking about the first memories you made together as a couple. Take a trip down memory lane for Valentine’s Day this year. Get beers at the dive bar you used to meet at or take a drive to the city where you first met. No matter what you do, it’ll be fun because you are together!

6. Bedroom Talk

If the night ends in the bedroom, be prepared with these eco and ethical must-haves. Remember kids, consent must be continuous, enthusiastic and mutual! If one of those is missing, pump the brakes.

Condoms and Lubricant from Sustain

Not only are these condoms made from natural rubber, they are also free of icky chemicals! Go all natural with this line of condoms and organic lubricant. These are the types of condoms that Dakota and I use and we are OBSESSED. We made the switch over a year ago and never looked back.

Lingerie from Lara Intimates

Get lingerie that you can look good in and feel good about buying with Lara Intimates. Ethically and sustainably produced in England, this brand is dedicated to waste-reducing practices and comfortable, sexy designs.

Toys and Accessories

Want to add a little spice to the night? Yes, sex toys can be eco-friendly too! Check out a few of my faves that I found online!


I hope you loved this eco-friendly guide to a healthy and happy Valentine’s Day!

Have any questions? Be sure to leave a comment below and I will get back to asap!


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