DIY Leather Harness

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To create this amazing DIY leather harness  I used a template from the one and only Girrlscout then added my own spice. You can check out her original DIY tutorial HERE. Before we start, remember that this is just a template. Feel free to modify the design however you see fit to create something unique, just for you!Like always, remember to follow me on Instagram and tag me in any pictures of your rendition of this DIY harness.

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The Materials

1 pack of spots- pyramid or round shape (leather section of craft store)

1 chain collar (pet store)

1 pack of key rings (craft store) *Could be added on the front of your harness

1 strip of leather 1 1/2 in. wide (craft store)_DSC0253-2

Step One

The strip of leather I bought from Hobby Lobby was 1 1/2 inches wide. This was too wide for what I wanted so taking a ruler, I traced a path directly down the center of the leather strip. Using heavy duty scissors, I cut the leather strip in half. This should leave you with two long strips of leather that are each 3/4 of an inch wide. One leather strip will be used for the left side of your harness and the other will be used for the right side.

Step Two

Take the end of one leather strip and slip an inch or two through the ring of the chain, then folding it over on itself.

Step Three

Use a hammer and a nail to create small holes where your spots are going to go. Thank all that is wonderful that Girrlscout gave the “pre-make your holes” tip in her template because it saved me A LOT of frustration. Without pre-making holes, it would be damn near impossible to push the spots through the leather._DSC0454-3

Step Four

Insert the spots into your pre-made holes. The spots main functions are securing the leather together (secondary functioning… looking bad ass). In this case, the spots as fasteners to secure the end of the leather strip through the ring.

Step Four

Taking the other strip of leather, repeat the process on the other side of the ring. Now you should have your two pieces of leather secured to the top of the chain.

**Be sure the heads of the spots face outward so when you are wearing the harness everyone can see your amazing metal detailing. Also be careful that the folded side of the leather is hidden against your back.

Step Five

Once the leather strips are attached to your first ring, place the leather straps over your shoulder and let the chain hang down your spine. It’s time to measure the length you want your harness! If the link is too long for your liking, use pliers to remove a few links until it is the size you prefer.

Caution: Be careful doing this! If you are naturally a clumsy person like me and you are not comfortable handling pliers, ask for help. Even the best crafter needs some assistance. My boyfriend did this step for me and with a little effort was able to remove about 3 inches of chain that I did not want._DSC0429-3

Final Step 

Afterwards, finish your harness by repeating the spot and leather-binding process of step two, three and four to the opposite end of your chain. ….TADA!

Finished Product_DSC0372 _DSC0380


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