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My fellow State of Ruin-ers!!! It is time for a MAJOR giveaway. A State of Ruin teamed up with the ladies of Thread Cincinnati to give you a chance to win one of seven $50 gift cards to the Cincinnati Premium Outlets! There are multiple chances to enter so be sure to click the link below!


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  • We had a freaking blast in Nashville this weekend! Sohellip
    6 days ago by state_of_ruin We had a freaking blast in Nashville this weekend! So grateful for all of the amazing suggestions we got from you all... Like this record/vintage store! Now I'm headed straight to  #Toronto  for a work conference So much traveling, so little time. Any suggestions on things to do in Toronto?? This is my first time in  #Canada !!
  • Nashville is treating us right Found this gem of ahellip
    1 week ago by state_of_ruin Nashville is treating us right. Found this gem of a vintage blouse at  @fondobject  today and I'm already obsessed Also, loving this reusable travel mug from  @packagefreeshop . Thanks Lauren for the suggestion!!! Being  #ecofriendly  while traveling just takes a little extra planning but it's totally doable!
  • Wearing all vintage besides my jacket today Buying secondhand ishellip
    2 weeks ago by state_of_ruin Wearing all vintage (besides my jacket) today. Buying secondhand is a fantastic way to cut down on all of the waste and pollution caused by  #fastfashion  companies! I go to peddler's malls, flea markets, use apps like  #Depop  and do clothing-swaps with friends to get my thrifted clothes!  #MakeLessTrash  P.S. I'll be posting my review/tips on  @overtonecolor  tomorrow morning on the blog. Click the link in my bio and sign up for the newsletter to get the scoop as soon as it drops.
  • Happy 4th ya filthy animals  So proud of allhellip
    3 weeks ago by state_of_ruin Happy 4th, ya filthy animals ✨ So proud of all of my fellow Americans who have fought for equality and justice over the time of our country's history.
  • Packed some sustainable travel essentials this weekend that really savedhellip
    3 weeks ago by state_of_ruin Packed some  #sustainable  travel essentials this weekend that really saved our asses in Chicago! Our list included 2 water bottles, 2 stainless steel lunch boxes, 2 stainless steel straws and cutlery, 2 mason jars, reusable produce bags and reusable grocery bags. It sounds like a lot but it only took a tiny bit of space and had a big impact!  #MakeLessTrash 
  • Ive always LOVED Chicago So pumped that wallyrules24 and Ihellip
    3 weeks ago by state_of_ruin I've always LOVED Chicago. So pumped that  @wallyrules_24  and I were able to come here and spend the weekend in a great city with great friends ✨ Here's a pic of me being a basic tourist 🙂

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