Dear Spring

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Spring is here! I swear, if my dresses could talk they would be singing my praises. I think the poor babies were starting to get depressed being locked up in my closet. Anyways, it seems every Spring I go from rocker chic to boho cuteness in one minute flat. I seriously give myself whip-lash going from one to the other so quickly. While I love each style equally, I have never really let the two mix. My cute dresses and punk shoes have never gotten to know each other. My floral tops and distressed jeans have never gotten to hang out. Well, I just won’t stand for it any longer! Its time for my two favorite styles to collide head-on.

My personal challenge this Spring is to finally let my hippie and grunge side have a little fun together. What are your fashion goals this Spring? Comment below and let me know. I might just have to take a page out of your book!

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Details // Dress // Shoes // Jacket // Lips // Eyeliner

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