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Maybe it’s your first Valentine’s Day and your date is a cute, little eco-nerd. Maybe you’ve been together for years and are working towards reducing your waste. Or maybe you’re full blown zero-waste and just need  fresh ideas! Regardless of your reasons, here is a simple, easy guide to a waste-free Valentine’s Day. 1. Skip the Supermarket Flowers Listen, I LOVE flowers. There’s nothing like a bouquet of beautiful blooms to brighten up a home (or in my case, a dingy apartment). But, as I started paying more attention to

With Halloween projecting to hit an all-time high of 9 BILLION DOLLARS in revenue this year, it’s clear that the pressure to have a Pinterest-worthy Halloween is real. But start googling Halloween ideas and you’ll see product after product of disposable, one-time use, plastic. Never fear, though! I’ve been pinning my little heart out over the past few weeks and have found the most SPOOK-TACULAR Halloween ideas that are eco-friendly and sustainable! Throw a Ghoulishly Green Party Sustainable Party Supplies Dirty dishes SUCK, I totally get it. This year, however,

I teamed up with some incredible companies to give one lucky winner the chance at a BIG prize! Win everything you need to jump-start your eco-friendly bathroom routine. Keep reading to see all the incredible prizes! Then, fill out the simple entries below. Giveaway ends at 11:59pm on 10/09. Good luck, lovelies! What You’ll Win 1 x Plaine Products Body Wash 1 x Plaine Products Shampoo 1 x Plaine Products Conditioner 2 x Humble Co. Toothbrushe 1 x Dental Lace Refillable Floss Container with 2 Spools of Floss *Not Vegan

Everyone has a dental hygiene routine. It’s something we do multiple times a day, probably without thinking about it. But what if I told you that our pursuit of pearly whites is hurting the environment? The average person in the United States will use more than 300 toothbrushes in their lifetime, most made of plastic and not biodegradable. Think about how many toothbrushes that is for every person in your neighborhood…. in your city…. in the world. That’s a whole of lot of toothbrushes destined to rot in a landfill!

Since going on my journey towards sustainability, I’ve hardly wanted to look the entire desk I have dedicated to makeup. Yes, I said “entire desk”. The countless plastic lipstick tubes, foundations and eyeshadow palettes racked me with guilt. I just didn’t want to give up one of my favorite interests in the name of “sustainability” but I knew something had to change. Little did I know that there are some AMAZING makeup companies out there that follow sustainable, ethical and cruelty-free practices. Check out my comprehensive list of eco-friendly makeup companies

Plastic is piling up in our bathrooms and in our oceans. In a world dominated by “throw-away” culture, is it possible to have hygiene products that are good for the environment and good for you? Enter, Plaine Products, the natural, eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner company. Read my full review on Plaine Products below and find out how they are tackling the issue of sustainability! The Products: Natural, vegan, cruelty-free, chemical-free, sulphate-free AND color safe. Wow, it’s hard to find hair and body care products that check all of those boxes. Plaine Products is

If you’re like me and haven’t won the lottery yet, shopping for sustainable and affordable clothes can seem nearly impossible. Luckily, I compiled a list of my favorite summer threads from eco-friendly fashion companies, all under $100. Can you say cha-ching?!?! Check out my summer wishlist below. Which one is your favorite?! Everlane, Form Slide Sandals, $98 Everlane might be my favorite sustainable fashion company. Their policy of “radical transparency” means they tell the customer exactly what goes into the making of their products. From prices to fabrics to the factories, all product

Even if you aren’t obsessed with black like I am… We all need a Little Black Dress in our closet. Finding the right dress can be tricky, though (can I get an amen from my tall girls). The perfect LBD has to be flexible to fit any occasion, comfortable and high quality so it can stay in your closet forever. So, when searching for that special LBD, who better to shop from than a #girlgang of amazing fashionistas dedicated to quality?  **Scroll down for your chance to win $100!!! Enter The New

When my partner, Dakota, and I started on our journey towards sustainability, we set one eco-friendly goal for ourselves during 2016; say goodbye to plastic bags. Over the course of the year, we slowly reduced our plastic bag dependency by breaking it down into small, manageable steps. Check out our easy guide below on how to ditch all types of plastic bags… for good. Plastic Grocery Bags Our first month of using reusable grocery bags was a disaster. We could never remember them. Dakota and I knew we needed to figure

Dakota and I have been working hard over the past year to decrease our impact on the environment. It started small. At first we just began by kicking our dependence on plastic bags. The more we learned about sustianability, though, the more we wanted in. Now that we’ve kicked our plastic bag habit, we are moving on to bigger things! We’ve learned a lot about “going green” along the way and we want to share them with you. A State of Ruin seemed like the perfect place to share my