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Even if you aren’t obsessed with black like I am… We all need a Little Black Dress in our closet. Finding the right dress can be tricky, though (can I get an amen from my tall girls). The perfect LBD has to be flexible to fit any occasion, comfortable and high quality so it can stay in your closet forever. So, when searching for that special LBD, who better to shop from than a #girlgang of amazing fashionistas dedicated to quality?  **Scroll down for your chance to win $100!!! Enter The New

My fellow State of Ruin-ers!!! It is time for a MAJOR giveaway. A State of Ruin teamed up with the ladies of Thread Cincinnati to give you a chance to win one of seven $50 gift cards to the Cincinnati Premium Outlets!

Nasty Gal is my go-to site for edgy, unique clothes. Unfortunately, however, this chick is one conscious spender so I can’t be dropping hundreds of doll hairs on new clothes. The first time I found out that Nasty Gal’s distribution center (which ironically is only a short drive from where I live) I was thrilled. The savings were unbelievable. You can check out my first warehouse haul HERE. When Nasty Gal announced a second warehouse sale just a few months later, I felt like someone gave me a unicorn for christmas… But better. You

ASOR IS A YEAR OLD!!! Back in January 2015, I hosted a little blog launching party to celebrate A State of Ruin coming into existence. Right on the heels of the New Year, there was only one theme that would do for such an occasion, Gatsby. With a lot of help from friends, careful planning and some serious bargain hunting, we had a party that I think even Ms. Daisy would be swooning over. A lot of Pinterest action might have occurred as well. CLICK HERE to see the board

For my first ever blog post (pause for excitement!) I wanted to pay homage to a place that has my heart… Copenhagen, Denmark. This look gave a little rocker-twist to the city’s relaxed, effortless, yet always present style. Monochrome and minimalism. Sneakers and Tees. Copenhagen does not disappoint when it comes to fashion and it will continue to be one of my favorite cities to visit (and shop) till I’m old and gray. Lauren W Photography

I had recently taken a shopping hiatus when I first stepped into Continuum, a locally owned shop in downtown Cincy. The store fits nicely into Cincinnati’s chic, re-vamped neighborhood, Over-The-Rhine. Green, potted plants dot the space and give a sharp contrast to the clean, white walls. While I was browsing the racks, the owner mentioned all products in her store were created by independent designers and artists, which is always a plus for me. I pulled a little purple dress I pulled from the neat display of hangers. With a mod cut

Make Me Original

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It’s practically fool-proof; the classic white t-shirt and jeans, the little black dress, the simple cardigan. On days when I’m overbooked, overwhelmed and under-inspired there is nothing better than pulling out a “no thought necessary” combo. The real struggle comes when completing the look. How do you stay true to a classic while adding your own flair? These simple tips will turn your next cookie-cutter ensemble into a bold and beautiful statement. ADD A”WOW” ACCESSORY— When keeping the clothes simple, try to use the opportunity to amp up your accessory game. Still hiding that

I had a minor breakdown last week. I was walking down the street, minding my own business when I noticed it… A yellowed, fallen leaf. I swooped down to snatch it off the sidewalk and shook it in front of my face. “Oh, no. No, not yet. Get back on that tree, Mr. Leaf!” This was the point that I realized I was talking to a leaf #mylife. At the end of every summer is always a moment of panic when I finally realize that carefree, sunshine-soaked days are coming

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