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I teamed up with some incredible companies to give one lucky winner the chance at a BIG prize! Win everything you need to jump-start your eco-friendly bathroom routine. Keep reading to see all the incredible prizes! Then, fill out the simple entries below. Giveaway ends at 11:59pm on 10/09. Good luck, lovelies! What You’ll Win 1 x Plaine Products Body Wash 1 x Plaine Products Shampoo 1 x Plaine Products Conditioner 2 x Humble Co. Toothbrushe 1 x Dental Lace Refillable Floss Container with 2 Spools of Floss *Not Vegan

Since going on my journey towards sustainability, I’ve hardly wanted to look the entire desk I have dedicated to makeup. Yes, I said “entire desk”. The countless plastic lipstick tubes, foundations and eyeshadow palettes racked me with guilt. I just didn’t want to give up one of my favorite interests in the name of “sustainability” but I knew something had to change. Little did I know that there are some AMAZING makeup companies out there that follow sustainable, ethical and cruelty-free practices. Check out my comprehensive list of eco-friendly makeup companies

Is there a magical conditioner that can color your hair with the hues of a thousand unicorns?? Well…. no…. but if one did exist then oVertone might be it. I had seen ads all over social media about this color depositing conditioner and was curious enough to order a sample. After doing a strand test with my little sample size, I was ready to commit to a full jar (which is only $28!!!!). Here is what happened when I tried oVertone…. The Pastel Purple Test I used the Pastel Purple

Plastic is piling up in our bathrooms and in our oceans. In a world dominated by “throw-away” culture, is it possible to have hygiene products that are good for the environment and good for you? Enter, Plaine Products, the natural, eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner company. Read my full review on Plaine Products below and find out how they are tackling the issue of sustainability! The Products: Natural, vegan, cruelty-free, chemical-free, sulphate-free AND color safe. Wow, it’s hard to find hair and body care products that check all of those boxes. Plaine Products is

Blame it on Pinterest but it seems like the pastel and silver hair trends are here to stay. People are always asking me about my fun-colored hair so I decided to put all my knowledge (and my amazing stylist’s) in one convenient post. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about dyeing your hair pastel or silver. Want even more? Don’t forget to subscribe to the ASOR newsletter!

Many apologies for the radio silence on A State of Ruin, lately. These past few months have been crazy busy! My recent move to Louisville went off without a hitch and it feels AMAZING to be back in the same city as my wonderful partner, Dakota. But you didn’t really think I would pass up a blog post on Halloween weekend did you?! If you are a major procrastinator (like me), check out some of my looks from this year’s #ASORHALLOWEEN for a little creepy inspo! Don’t forget to follow

Braids are the perfect (and chic) solution to the long nights and hair-ruining humidity of summer. From causal to flirty, there are endless ways to style your braids which makes them perfect for every occasion. Try these 3 looks this summer for beautiful braids that will last all day. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (@state_of_ruin) for even more summer-time inspiration!

Bluemercury. Haven’t heard of it, yet? You will. Bluemercury was created by Marla Malcolm Beck in 1999 as a one-stop shop for people to find their favorite department beauty brands in one relaxed environment (they even have spa treatments available in store!). Growing from one storefront to multiple locations and eventually getting picked up by Macy’s this year for a cool 120 million dollars,  Bluemercury has the promise of spreading like wildfire. Plus, since it boasts lines like Bobbi Brown, NARS and Estee Lauder, not to mention top-of-the-line skincare products, you can bet your bottom

It’s time to let go of those smokey eye pinterest tutorials. S/S 16 RUNWAYS had us drooling over surprising pops of color. This summer, take a page from fashion week and brighten your lids with bold monocromatic looks. To get started, check out my three takes on this season’s hot new trend. Which one is your favorite? Comment below! Do You Dare is a new ASOR series for the badass babe. In this blogging series, I will uncover the newest, most daring trends in beauty and style. All you have to worry

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