Breaking the Cycle of Fast Fashion

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I had recently taken a shopping hiatus when I first stepped into Continuum, a locally owned shop in downtown Cincy. The store fits nicely into Cincinnati’s chic, re-vamped neighborhood, Over-The-Rhine. Green, potted plants dot the space and give a sharp contrast to the clean, white walls. While I was browsing the racks, the owner mentioned all products in her store were created by independent designers and artists, which is always a plus for me. I pulled a little purple dress I pulled from the neat display of hangers. With a mod cut and a pattern of cartoon eyeballs resting on dark triangles, it was simplicity meets edgy-quirk. Just like that my shopping hiatus was over.

I was half tempted to wear it out of the store. Instead, I settled on it being placed in a cute paper bag and took it home. A few days later, I pulled the dress out to do some research on the company that had broken my will power; Nooworks. After an embarrassingly long time creeping on their website, I was in total love.

Nooworks, based out of San Francisco, boasts to be a clothing brand for “everyday wear- for a bike ride, for a rock show, for the movies, for first dates… for joyriding”… well, you get the idea. While I’m not entirely convinced I could go bike riding in this particular dress, you can bet your sweet ass you could find me doing just about everything else. Nooworks seems to do the impossible by creating dress after dress with attention-demanding patterns that never overwhelm or under-impress. As if it couldn’t get any better, the cut and quality of the fabrics are spectacular. On Nooworks’ website, you can even shop by artist. See the name of the person who created the piece you love and check out other pieces they designed. Nooworks fills that emotionless gap we, as a society, have created in our relationship to our clothes. We shop mass production and low quality like its totally acceptable for our clothes to be made to fall apart in a month. News flash, its not. You are so much better than made-like-crap clothes. Break the cycle, babes. Shop local. Shop with love. Support artists and designers.

While you are at it, check out these other companies that are doing apparel right:

Zady for well-made essentials

Agashi for some va-va-voom for your bedroom and your attitude

Home Cooked Karma for vintage lovers and far out babes.

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Until next time,

XOXO Jordan

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