Body Positive

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This post almost never existed. After shooting my outfit I started wondering if I really wanted to do a post that didn’t leave much to the imagination about my body type. There I was, an advocate for loving yourself the way you are and for loving others the way they choose to be, about to nix a whole post because of a little exposed skin. It was a wake up call to say the least.

I know that being body positive is not the easiest thing to do. From a very young age we are taught to be self-conscious of our bodies. We are assaulted with airbrushed images of men and women, taught to be ashamed of nudity and made well aware of our own imperfections. It’s honestly exhausting. The thought of being body positive after years of those kinds of antics seems laughable. “Seems” being the key word here. Maybe all we need is a few reminders to get us on the body-loving track. Your body, your beautiful body, is uniquely your own. It was created just for you to help carry you through life. Your body comes with its own quirks and differences just like mine but in the end, it is a body just the same. Instead of spending so much effort on body shaming, let us challenge each other to celebrate our body’s differences. Let us challenge ourselves to love what we have. Let us challenge each other to be body positive!

If you are looking for some more body positive vibes, check out instababes Tess Munster, Megan Tonjes, Stefania Ferrario and Girrlscout. Click their names to get linked to their instagrams. These chicks are so rad!


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Emily Wiethorn Photography

Details // Top // Pants // Shoes // Hat // Necklace
Silver Cuff and Ring

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