Behind The Camera: Sporty Chic with Kayla

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Recently, I have taken a step out from in front of the camera. Instead, I’ve been spending quite a bit more time behind it. And with all of my style-licious friends, I am having the time of my life learning how to shoot! I’m hoping to use this new series, “Behind The Camera”, to shine the style spotlight on all of the badass babes and boos in my life.

The first person on my list was an incredible friend of mine. Kayla’s minimalistic style perfectly balances classic sporty looks with the coolness of a young urbanite. I knew her effortless style mixed with a powerful confidence would be a blast to shoot. I was right. Kayla stole the freaking show.

At one point during the evening, Kayla asked for a little break to center herself. That happens when I am in front of the camera too, so I stepped back to give her a moment to collect her thoughts. Instead, Kayla dropped to the ground to do pushups. MID-SHOOT. PUSHUPS. It was so unexpected, I couldn’t help but laugh. Then I realized how AMAZING it was that my model was on the side of the street doing pushups and I went totally crazy taking pictures. It was awesome.

What do you think of Kayla and my first “Behind The Camera” shoot? Don’t forget to follow me on INSTAGRAM for even more deliciousness.










Photography // Makeup // Styling

 Jordan White

Model // Kayla M.

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