A Little Blogging Never Killed Nobody

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Back in January 2015, I hosted a little blog launching party to celebrate A State of Ruin coming into existence. Right on the heels of the New Year, there was only one theme that would do for such an occasion, Gatsby. With a lot of help from friends, careful planning and some serious bargain hunting, we had a party that I think even Ms. Daisy would be swooning over.

A lot of Pinterest action might have occurred as well. CLICK HERE to see the board that inspired much of the party’s za za zoom. I will make another post this month with the inside scoop on decorations, party planning and budgeting. Until then, welcome to the party.

launch-48 launch-95Grab a date…

Make some food…launch-8launch-10 launch-55

Decorate like a Pinterest-aholic…
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…And have some fun!launch-73launch-104 launch-80
launch-65 launch-59 launch-54

Pause for awkward family photos…launch-42 launch-61 launch-70 launch-123


We wish you could have been there!

Lauren W Photography

Details // Velvet Dress // Faux Fur Jacket // Heels

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